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“Spring Lillies” Watercolor painting of fresh daylillies


watercolor painting for sale - pink flowers daylillies original art


Title: “Spring Lillies”

Watercolor painting of fresh daylillies

300 Lbs watercolor paper

Size 10”X13”


Cost $150.00

Shipping: $9.50



Spring is in the air, love to see everything around nature rebirthing and flourishing; from busy bees, birds, and the active hyper hummingbirds buzzing around and delight feeding and testing on the fresh nectars and new plant growths best that earth has to offer.


closed view fine art watercolor painting flower art for sale

Spring is like our own soul … every spring give your self the opportunity to renew … to enchant yourself with something different to become all new and fresh of thought once again; after all just living to experience all this, it is a full blessing.



The original picture on this painting was taken on a trip to one of the Bahamas islands … it's  been quite a while since I took this flower picture and my botanical knowledge hasn’t been my strong gifts.


However I searched and search and could not find a close picture from my botanical home library, I ask a sweet gentleman at my son’s school who is skilled on horticulture and he mentioned seems to be a type of “daylily” so…


Daylily it is!  If you know the name or may think the flower species its different and have a suggestion, please let me know.




Tropical pink flowers immortalized in an original Watercolor painting.



Standing Proud - Watercolor painting of an Egret

watercolor painting for sale bird of paradise Egret in costa Rica

Title: “Standing Proud”

Watercolor painting of an Egret.

300 Lbs watercolor paper

Size 10”X13”


Cost $150.00

Shipping: $9.50

Egret on watercolor painting Ines Miller original art


This painting was an inspiration from one of our trips to Costa Rica we were staying al Playa Los Suenos and decided to explore around never the Herradura a beautiful lush area and popular   for its crocodiles in the Tarcoles River and mangroves where you could see birds such as toucans, macaws and herons.

This area in Costa Rica is so exquisite and lush full of green colors allowing you to fulfill your senses in  an abundance of wildlife and impressive flora.


This egret was standing so regal on the muddy and swampy area, shinning in all its beauty that couldn’t  resist to take a photo of this splendid Egret.


Now immortalized in  an original Watercolor painting.




Meeting Chester the cat on watercolor after getting outside my comfort zone


Watercolor painting doe sale chester black cat green eyes- Ines Miller art


Original watercolor paper 140 lbs cold press

Size 6”x9”


Title: Chester The Cat


Price: $ 35.00

Shipping $ 5.50



Meeting Chester the cat … After getting outside my comfort zone.



Take whatever measure is necessary to impulse yourself and improve your art …even if it means getting out of your comfort zone.


When it comes on creating art … I am the peculiar lonely wolf as  I like and enjoy the solitude of my art studio.


A few artist colleagues faithfully gather for painting nights during the week; they been doing this for quite some years now; the invitation to join them has been open every time … and every time for years  I will find a singular excuse to sabotage my creative self by not attending.


 This year I decided to join them, Its a serious New Year resolution  I  had been postponed for quite a while. This year I decided its time; regardless the busy schedule, the art classes and workshops, family commitments, and pet clients. 

Harsh as might sound, the commitment is only to myself and how far I want to take it will be upon me.


And in the midst of all this and now my weekly painting time gatherings is where “Chester” the black cat was born this January 2018 on watercolor paper 140 lbs. Size 6”x9”.

Chester as he is now title,  kept popping out on my watercolor paper every time I tried to sketch something else; I follow the flow instead and decided to just follow the contours of his silhouette and his face soon began to reveal itself as the watercolor painting ran thru the  paper fibers.


Painting  freely …for oneself is not as easy as appears for an adult, I found more dynamic the fact to work on an art project deadline, art class curriculum or  a commissioned art project. Painting for oneself as an artist  which freely allows  to express feelings, ideas and thoughts on a canvas is invigorating and it’s also a healing process.


 Sitting in front of that white canvas or white  piece of watercolor paper its torture at times but it can be endured. 

As long as I  open my eyes to enjoy a new rising sun every morning, I will take the gift and  … will keep trying.


Purple Pelican Boardwalk watcher palette knife painting

Title” Boardwalk watcher”

Purple pelican acrylic painting palette knife original art


Acrylic painting palette knife painting

Purple pelican acrylic painting palette knife original art " Boardwalk watcher"

Size 12”x16”

1/2” wrapped canvas


Price: $ 350.00

shipping:  $17.50






 The Inspiration …

Bay watcher in Redondo Beach California  this majestic pelican  bird of incredible size was standing on an old wood pole from the wooden boardwalk pier while watching all activity in its surroundings. I was able to snap a shop white he intensively watched me to just let me know on his quiet sense that he knew I was admiring him.


Purple pelican acrylic painting palette knife Ines Miller  original art


Now  this pelican’s portrait is  captured  on canvas for you to enjoy.

Holiday Wishes Pine Cone watercolor painting

May the gift of Happiness …


The Gift of Joy …

The Gift of Love …

Be with you this Christmas and  throughout the New Year!


Watercolor Painting Pine cone Title "Christmas Gift Wish" Size 6" x 4.5"


Watercolor Paintings Pinecone - Gift of Happiness.

Palette Knife Painting for sale Sulcata Tortoise Original Painting

There is quite a few words in English that for some reason my tongue doesn’t seem to manage  the pronunciation, but working in the animal field particularly with exotic animal years back  in my young days I often got teased in a good way by coworkers and now long time friends by this primary  words which surprisingly were use so often if not almost on daily  basis … Canary, hippopotamus, turtle and tortoise.


  Well let me tell you after living in the   USA and being this country  my adopted  home for  almost 3 decades I still can’t manage  to say this words  propertly … some things never change with age.

 But I love painting and today’s painting was of a Sulcata  Tortoise.


As an  annual Carnival is organized by incredible group of ladies and members of a Booster Club  at my son’s school and there is always fun surprises and games for the students, they go above and beyond on this school  annual carnival. Last year they invited a reptile presentator, he had all kinds of critters and reptilians  to show the kids and some of this rare looking critters were allowed to be  petted.


A huge Sulcata Tortoise was wandering at her own leisure … free with supervision and  engorging herself  on the dandelions flowers while the exhibit was on; (this is  were the title for this sulcata  tortoise  palette knife painting got inspired)


 It was so much fun to see the students petting this incredible large moving “rock”  and being so gentle with this ancient giant …Oh yes!  you bid I had to tickle those   funny looking tortoise feet …Life is good!


Sulcata Tortoise Original Painting


Canvas wrapped palette knife painting



Size: 10" X 10"

 1 1/2” inch crapped around 


Title “ Wandering Free” 


Cost  $150.00

 Shipping $ 15.50




Blue lagoon swimming dolphin acrylic Pallet Knife Painting

The Inspiration today …Dolphin Encounter at Blue lagoon palette knife Painting


Blue dolphin acrylic Pallet Knife Painting


The first words of  expression that comes to my mind when thinking or seeing  a dolphin are joy, happiness and playfulness.  This  lovely and  Incredible intelligent critters had been the ambassadors of our oceans longer that we could ever perceive; and even that  planet earth counts with  40 extant species of dolphins;  just the bottle nose dolphins had been in our planet about 15 million years!


If you still haven’t had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins please pencil it    on your list  as New year resolution or bucket list. You definitely can’t plan leaving this wonderful planet without living the experience.


Years back I had the opportunity to hug and play with one of this amazing critters at Dolphin encounters at Blue  lagoon Island in Nassau Bahamas.


 Judge with your own words as I share some of the pictures from that trip.

 We stayed at the  Incredible Paradise Island Hotel back then, the whole amazing trip is a golden memory to treasure.


I decided to bring back that on my canvas with my Pallet knife technique. Enjoy! 

Dolphin Encounter at Blue lagoon pallet Knife Painting


Pallet Knife painting Blue dolphin


Blue dolphin acrylic Palette Knife Painting 

Title:  “Blue Joy”

Size 10” X 10”


1” Wrapped canvas  


Price: $150.00

Shipping: $15.50


Pallet Knife Painting swimming dolphin

Original art pallet knife painting blue dolphin 10X10

Swimming with dolphins blue lagoon  Nassau Bahamas


Lotus Flower rainbow Pallet knife Painting

Lotus Flower rainbow palette knife Painting.

This painting is an inspiration to  be able to reach back at our  inner self in   every  everyday routine. Colors of the rainbow   representing  the 7 chakras on oneself surrounding the lotus flower.

 Slow down …breath and remember the beautiful being of light you are!


Lotus flower meditation rainbow checkars Pallet Knife Painting


Rich Texture of an original acrylic pallet painting 


Title : “Flower within”

Size: 12” x 12” 


 Cost $85.00

Shipping $ 15.50


 1/2” Wrapped canvas 

Palett knife painting acrylic 12X12 Lotus flower yoga meditation rainbow chakras


Red Poppies Flowers Pallet Knife painting Original Acrylic art painting

Red Poppies Flowers palette knife painting Original Acrylic art painting.


I love flowers and one of my favorites is the bougainvillea and poppies; their fine delicate petals reminds me to tissue paper handmade flowers, for this pallet knife painting decided to start with the red poppies as true message of life ever changing.


red poppies pallet knife painting


Poppies flowers palette knife painting for sale 

Price : $150.00

Shipping :$15.00




Title: ”Bright  Kisses”

Size 10” X 10”

1 “ thick Canvas painted on sides Acrylic Pallet Knife Painting - Original Art

Red Poppies Pallet Knife painting 10 X 10

Pallet Knife Painting a new beginning

Ooh la la, a nice set of knives and not necessarily

for food preparation. 

Inspired by one of our monthly art demonstrators Melody Brunsting who performed at Temecula Valley Art League ... This will be my new intent  and  try to paint with pallet knife and finish one full art painting.


The first time I was introduced to pallet knife painting years back  didn’t go too well or as expected .. the idea of painting with something that look so closed to a butter knife was not fun at all back then.


But now I finally decided to jump off the cliff and out out my comfort zone... after all what else can happen as its just paint on canvas. Ready, Set ... Go!!!

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