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Peacock watercolor painting Royal Serendipity

Hot off the watercolor pallet!

Peacock art for sale original watercolor painting Peacock bird by Ines Miller Fine Artist

Medium: Watercolor Original 

Title: ~Royal Serendipity~


Size: 4.5” x 6”

Cost: $ 35.00

Shipping: $5.50



Blue Peacock art for sale original watercolor painting Peacock bird by Ines Miller Fine Artist



Peacock art for sale original watercolor painting Peacock bird  painting for sale by Ines Miller Fine Artist


A Peacock bird also known for his scientific name pavo cristatus meaning (“crested peafowl" in classical Latin)

Small bird full of charm Immortalized on a watercolor painting on 140lbs.  watercolor paper.  This small painting will delight you while your eyes follow each brush detail. 


Comes directly for Artist Studio.   

Copyright watermark will not display on original art.


The peacock was declared officially the National Bird of India in 1963; and based on this peacock feathers cannot  be travel back to this part of the continent… 


How do I know that? ehem.. ehem… well  I can just plain lie and tell you I was so prepared  for my India trip and read all the  1000 plus pages on the India Exports website


or the  Directorate General of Foreign Trade



But the simple true was my friend and I got our beautiful handmade one of a kind peacock feather fans confiscated in the airport in our trip back from India. 


 We do have pretty pictures to remember those beautiful peacock fans :)

Peacock feather fan custom in airport prohibited items


In India, Peacocks symbolize grace, pride, and beauty. They are a sign of joy for all who see them and with true reason as this bird displays an incredible beauty. 


I am sure peacock birds are the true inspiration behind the creation on”iridescent paintings” otherwise how else can we imagine such beauty of color reflecting light?


As a symbolism thru the ages peacocks represent: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness. In Greco-Roman mythology, the Peacock tail has the "eyes" of the stars. In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness, and luck.


So next time you visit your art and craft supply store, walk around the painting isle and you encounter the great variety of iridescent paintings thank a peacock for it and when you  get to see a peacock in real life … 


Enjoy this bird's   beauty and majestic stature as he greets you and sends happiness to your soul.


Inexpensive staying for surfers, backpackers and adventurous travelers in San Jose del Cabo Mexico. Clean Rustic Bedroom for Rent in San Jose del Cabo - La Baja Mexico.

 I shared my time between the USA and Los Cabos Mexico,  My family and I are building a vacation home in San Jose del Cabo and even tho house is not completed they we want to make it available to guests that are adventurous of spirits. 


We are new to Airb&b but not new to travel and hosting.  In exchange for a positive feedback, we are offering to a very reduced rate the rental of our rooms during the month of September. 


If you are planning to visit Los Cabos during October you can reserve them today and we will honor the lower rate.


Any questions please feel free to email me.


Happy Travels!


Clean Rustic Bedroom for Rent in San Jose del Cabo - La Baja Mexico 


near  to Puerto Los Cabos


This is indeed a better alternative for the price than a Hostel. 

Inexpensive staying for surfers, backpackers and travelers.



For rent rustic room in San Jose del Cabo

special discount  per day during the month of September.

If you reserve for October now you will get this discount price!


Room includes Essentials:

Towels, bed sheets, soap, toilet paper.


Private vacation house rentals in san jose del cabo Clean Rustic Bedroom for Rent in San Jose del Cabo - La Baja Mexico.

1 mile from Puerto Los Cabos


Puerto Los Cabos has fishing tours available in la Playita.

More details on  location and google pin will be provided once reservations are made.



Brand new AC in each room. Yes, it gets really cold!

Water, electricity and clean bathroom available.

Two Hammocks and one queen size  air mattress available if needed aswell in each room.



Private property with ample

space to park in Private Property.

Rustic bedroom vacation rentals in san Jose del Cabo

Air conditioning Vacation bedrooms for rent near La Plait Private home vacation house available


House is still under construction but we are making this two bedroom

available to the adventurous spirit of heart.


 If you see any ripped fruit ready to eat in your stay… its yours to enjoy!

Vacation rentals in san Jose del cabo near La Plait Puerto Paraiso - Private Home for rent

Bottom floor still under construction - bare concrete floor.

 We have Ice chest available if needed.



 If you need transportation - We can arrange for you to use our private car for an extra fee.


Basking under Los Cabos Sun Palmilla Public Beach

llVacationing with kids is a completely different dynamic and knowing the unpredictable water  currents surrounding  this gorgeous pacific ocean in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo...


Palmilla beach has been our family beach of choice here in Los Cabos.

Public Parking  is at a reasonable walking distance from the  beach.

 This Cabo beach  have showers you can rinse off the excess of salt when done playing and swimming.


Family Vacation Los Cabis Palmilla beach sun ocean and beach fun in Los Cabos Mexico

You can  snorkel and delight your eyes with gorgeous fish around the coral reef.

Summer Vacation Crossing the USA - Mexico border hassle free

Flying south to rest, reconnect enjoy the different pace of life  on daily living and be in touch with  nature... what else can we ask for?

Using the CBX ( Cross Border Express in San Diego) was the way to go this time.

 You will have to purchase a CBX cross border ticket to go thru.


Our flight departs from Tijuana to San Jose del Cabo.


Easy to check, you go thru customs and Immigration; if you are a Mexican National you will need to present a valid Mexican ID otherwise a   tourist fee is required if you are planning to stay for a large period of time .

This time the cost for tourist card FMM is $24 us dollars.

For more information on San Diego CBX - Cross Border Express fees and parking info. 

visit link below:

  Summer Vacation in Los Cabos Mexico-San Jose del Cabo Airport

Arriving to San Jose del Cabo  Airport after 2 hour flight from Tijuana  in the midday is a pleasure; feeling the different smells of the place; warm toasty  sun and friendly faces... Summer vacation here we go! 


Jellyfish stings at Chileno Beach in Los Cabos

Jelly fish in el Chileno beach in Los Cabos.

El Chileno Beach After the Rain - Caution on jelly Fish stings

Jelly fish in el Chileno beach in Los Cabos
Jellyfish stings at El Chilean Beach in Los Cabos Mexico after the rain
applying sun block before swimming time at chileno beach in los cabos mexico

Jellyfish at the Chilean Beach in Los Cabos Mexico right after the rain.


Locals in this beach area had an ammonia spray station for jellyfish stings.

 This is for sure not for me! as I am highly allergic to this good little critters.


Previous rain has brought a fair amount of prolific jellyfish in this area.

 We ran out of this beach really fast after an American couple told us they had been stung by jellyfish few minutes ago they saw us checking our bodies  after feeling shop like needles pinches around our skin.


Well so far our beach of choice for the kids has been Palmilla Beach in Los Cabos.


Vacationing with children is a completely different dynamic and knowing the unpredictable water currents surrounding this gorgeous pacific ocean in Cabo san Lucas and san Jose del Cabo…

 Palmilla Beach has been our family beach of choice here in Los Cabos.


Public Parking is at a reasonable walking distance from the beach; Palmilla Beach has showers you can rinse off the excess of salt and sand when done playing and swimming.

You can snorkel and delight your eyes with gorgeous fish surrounding the coral reef.

“Spring Lillies” Watercolor painting of fresh daylillies


watercolor painting for sale - pink flowers daylillies original art


Title: “Spring Lillies”

Watercolor painting of fresh daylillies

300 Lbs watercolor paper

Size 10”X13”


Cost $150.00

Shipping: $9.50



Spring is in the air, love to see everything around nature rebirthing and flourishing; from busy bees, birds, and the active hyper hummingbirds buzzing around and delight feeding and testing on the fresh nectars and new plant growths best that earth has to offer.


closed view fine art watercolor painting flower art for sale

Spring is like our own soul … every spring give your self the opportunity to renew … to enchant yourself with something different to become all new and fresh of thought once again; after all just living to experience all this, it is a full blessing.



The original picture on this painting was taken on a trip to one of the Bahamas islands … it's  been quite a while since I took this flower picture and my botanical knowledge hasn’t been my strong gifts.


However I searched and search and could not find a close picture from my botanical home library, I ask a sweet gentleman at my son’s school who is skilled on horticulture and he mentioned seems to be a type of “daylily” so…


Daylily it is!  If you know the name or may think the flower species its different and have a suggestion, please let me know.




Tropical pink flowers immortalized in an original Watercolor painting.



Standing Proud - Watercolor painting of an Egret

watercolor painting for sale bird of paradise Egret in costa Rica

Title: “Standing Proud”

Watercolor painting of an Egret.

300 Lbs watercolor paper

Size 10”X13”


Cost $150.00

Shipping: $9.50

Egret on watercolor painting Ines Miller original art


This painting was an inspiration from one of our trips to Costa Rica we were staying al Playa Los Suenos and decided to explore around never the Herradura a beautiful lush area and popular   for its crocodiles in the Tarcoles River and mangroves where you could see birds such as toucans, macaws and herons.

This area in Costa Rica is so exquisite and lush full of green colors allowing you to fulfill your senses in  an abundance of wildlife and impressive flora.


This egret was standing so regal on the muddy and swampy area, shinning in all its beauty that couldn’t  resist to take a photo of this splendid Egret.


Now immortalized in  an original Watercolor painting.




Meeting Chester the cat on watercolor after getting outside my comfort zone


Watercolor painting doe sale chester black cat green eyes- Ines Miller art


Original watercolor paper 140 lbs cold press

Size 6”x9”


Title: Chester The Cat


Price: $ 35.00

Shipping $ 5.50



Meeting Chester the cat … After getting outside my comfort zone.



Take whatever measure is necessary to impulse yourself and improve your art …even if it means getting out of your comfort zone.


When it comes on creating art … I am the peculiar lonely wolf as  I like and enjoy the solitude of my art studio.


A few artist colleagues faithfully gather for painting nights during the week; they been doing this for quite some years now; the invitation to join them has been open every time … and every time for years  I will find a singular excuse to sabotage my creative self by not attending.


 This year I decided to join them, Its a serious New Year resolution  I  had been postponed for quite a while. This year I decided its time; regardless the busy schedule, the art classes and workshops, family commitments, and pet clients. 

Harsh as might sound, the commitment is only to myself and how far I want to take it will be upon me.


And in the midst of all this and now my weekly painting time gatherings is where “Chester” the black cat was born this January 2018 on watercolor paper 140 lbs. Size 6”x9”.

Chester as he is now title,  kept popping out on my watercolor paper every time I tried to sketch something else; I follow the flow instead and decided to just follow the contours of his silhouette and his face soon began to reveal itself as the watercolor painting ran thru the  paper fibers.


Painting  freely …for oneself is not as easy as appears for an adult, I found more dynamic the fact to work on an art project deadline, art class curriculum or  a commissioned art project. Painting for oneself as an artist  which freely allows  to express feelings, ideas and thoughts on a canvas is invigorating and it’s also a healing process.


 Sitting in front of that white canvas or white  piece of watercolor paper its torture at times but it can be endured. 

As long as I  open my eyes to enjoy a new rising sun every morning, I will take the gift and  … will keep trying.


Purple Pelican Boardwalk watcher palette knife painting

Title” Boardwalk watcher”

Purple pelican acrylic painting palette knife original art


Acrylic painting palette knife painting

Purple pelican acrylic painting palette knife original art " Boardwalk watcher"

Size 12”x16”

1/2” wrapped canvas


Price: $ 350.00

shipping:  $17.50






 The Inspiration …

Bay watcher in Redondo Beach California  this majestic pelican  bird of incredible size was standing on an old wood pole from the wooden boardwalk pier while watching all activity in its surroundings. I was able to snap a shop white he intensively watched me to just let me know on his quiet sense that he knew I was admiring him.


Purple pelican acrylic painting palette knife Ines Miller  original art


Now  this pelican’s portrait is  captured  on canvas for you to enjoy.

Holiday Wishes Pine Cone watercolor painting

May the gift of Happiness …


The Gift of Joy …

The Gift of Love …

Be with you this Christmas and  throughout the New Year!


Watercolor Painting Pine cone Title "Christmas Gift Wish" Size 6" x 4.5"


Watercolor Paintings Pinecone - Gift of Happiness.

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