Ines Miller fines art whimsical and surreal designs

I am glad you stopped by, please make yourself comfortable while browsing. is a compilation of Ines Miller art portfolio, how to Art tutorials and Inside tips on the business aspects of the arts and crafts and anything else creative.

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Art gallery

Art work displayed in different mediums.

 I am self-taught artist expressing my experience in the earth through different art mediums, purchase of original paintings, art print and gifts are available  to purchase. 

Art tutorials

Art Tutorials

Observations  in the life of Ines Miller fine artist;  while working on art projects and creations of paintings and other art enchantments you will be able to take a peak to enjoy the process along the way and  get inspired.

Business Tips for Creative Minds

 Business Tips for Creative Minds

During my experience in the creative world, I had encountered numerous people with incredible talent and creators on an amazing body of work in multiple art mediums, many of them unknown to the world.

 If you are trying to  find ways to improve your sales and find out how can you bring your hobby, craft affection to a more elevated business aspects, this will be the little corner of the web you may want to save in your browser and visit often.

With simplified explanations I explain numerous aspect in promoting, selling, and business aspects for a creative mind.