Digital Art paintings.


Digital painting it has been a slow an emerging art-form now more accepted in the art field than decades ago when I started practicing in such digital art medium; digital painting is a technique   in which traditional painting effects  such as watercolor, oils, impasto, pastels, this technique  are applied using digital tools, different digital brush shapes and textures to acquire such effects. No magic “one click” computer program filter can give you such effects. The whole Original Art piece was painted with digital brush strokes … one stroke at a time; building layer by layer or “cell-by-cell” to create depth and blending colors like with any art painting done with traditional media. 

Hands and white dove Holy Ghost digital painting art for sale
Pink Roses with boy flower bouque Darvin Digital painting art for sale Ines Miller art
Darvin boy flowers bouque pink flowers digital painting for sale
boy sunflowers monarch butterflies digital painting Ines Miller art
boy painting digital art Ines Miller art