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Blue lagoon swimming dolphin acrylic Pallet Knife Painting

December 8, 2017

The Inspiration today …Dolphin Encounter at Blue lagoon palette knife Painting


Blue dolphin acrylic Pallet Knife Painting


The first words of  expression that comes to my mind when thinking or seeing  a dolphin are joy, happiness and playfulness.  This  lovely and  Incredible intelligent critters had been the ambassadors of our oceans longer that we could ever perceive; and even that  planet earth counts with  40 extant species of dolphins;  just the bottle nose dolphins had been in our planet about 15 million years!


If you still haven’t had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins please pencil it    on your list  as New year resolution or bucket list. You definitely can’t plan leaving this wonderful planet without living the experience.


Years back I had the opportunity to hug and play with one of this amazing critters at Dolphin encounters at Blue  lagoon Island in Nassau Bahamas.


 Judge with your own words as I share some of the pictures from that trip.

 We stayed at the  Incredible Paradise Island Hotel back then, the whole amazing trip is a golden memory to treasure.


I decided to bring back that on my canvas with my Pallet knife technique. Enjoy! 

Dolphin Encounter at Blue lagoon pallet Knife Painting


Pallet Knife painting Blue dolphin


Blue dolphin acrylic Palette Knife Painting 

Title:  “Blue Joy”

Size 10” X 10”


1” Wrapped canvas  


Price: $150.00

Shipping: $15.50


Pallet Knife Painting swimming dolphin

Original art pallet knife painting blue dolphin 10X10

Swimming with dolphins blue lagoon  Nassau Bahamas


Lotus Flower rainbow Pallet knife Painting

December 7, 2017

Lotus Flower rainbow palette knife Painting.

This painting is an inspiration to  be able to reach back at our  inner self in   every  everyday routine. Colors of the rainbow   representing  the 7 chakras on oneself surrounding the lotus flower.

 Slow down …breath and remember the beautiful being of light you are!


Lotus flower meditation rainbow checkars Pallet Knife Painting


Rich Texture of an original acrylic pallet painting 


Title : “Flower within”

Size: 12” x 12” 


 Cost $85.00

Shipping $ 15.50


 1/2” Wrapped canvas 

Palett knife painting acrylic 12X12 Lotus flower yoga meditation rainbow chakras


Red Poppies Flowers Pallet Knife painting Original Acrylic art painting

December 6, 2017

Red Poppies Flowers palette knife painting Original Acrylic art painting.


I love flowers and one of my favorites is the bougainvillea and poppies; their fine delicate petals reminds me to tissue paper handmade flowers, for this pallet knife painting decided to start with the red poppies as true message of life ever changing.


red poppies pallet knife painting


Poppies flowers palette knife painting for sale 

Price : $150.00

Shipping :$15.00




Title: ”Bright  Kisses”

Size 10” X 10”

1 “ thick Canvas painted on sides Acrylic Pallet Knife Painting - Original Art

Red Poppies Pallet Knife painting 10 X 10

Pallet Knife Painting a new beginning

December 5, 2017

Ooh la la, a nice set of knives and not necessarily

for food preparation. 

Inspired by one of our monthly art demonstrators Melody Brunsting who performed at Temecula Valley Art League ... This will be my new intent  and  try to paint with pallet knife and finish one full art painting.


The first time I was introduced to pallet knife painting years back  didn’t go too well or as expected .. the idea of painting with something that look so closed to a butter knife was not fun at all back then.


But now I finally decided to jump off the cliff and out out my comfort zone... after all what else can happen as its just paint on canvas. Ready, Set ... Go!!!

Redhead lady holding black cat Original acrylic painting

December 4, 2017

9"  X 12" acrylic painting  original on Canvas

Red hair woman with black cat



Cost $150

Shipping $15.50



An ORIGINAL acrylic painting of a red headed woman holding a black cat.

Original acrylic painting  is perfect  for the art collector who is inspired by surreal unique, expressively created art and a passion for color. 


Art painting will be carefully wrapped  and shipped with care. 


Redhead lady with Black cat Acrylic Painting on canvas 


… The connection and bound of  human and animals goes beyond this realm.


Title: “Close to my heart”. 

This painting came as inspiration and healing process after our home cat went missing, I wasn’t  able to paint her  color markings as the pain of her loss was  very recent and the black kitty began to flow on the canvas. 



One of a kind art. Own an original!


9x12 acrylic on canvas 

Signed on the front. 

Ready to hang or give as a gift.


Please note colors may vary due to monitor calibration. There may be a slight variation in the original vs. what you see on your monitor. Artist retains all  Copyright, no copying, printing, or any reproduction is allowed without written consent from Artist Ines Miller.


Watermark will not be present on your art painting.


New York New York Casino Hotel Water Color Painting

November 27, 2017

New York New York Vegas Casino - Hotel Original Watercolor Painting  by Ines Miller


watercolor painting-new york-newyork hotel


Size:  9” X 12”

Cost $85.00


Plus Shipping withIn USA $12.00




Water color painting will mail flat mounted on gray color mat.

New York New York vegas Casino Watercolor Painting by Ines Miller

This is an inspired painting from one of my trips to Vegas Nevada, as the  view from our room at  MGM Grand  Hotel pointed directly to the New York New York Hotel and its red roller coaster; I couldn’t resist the impulse to  paint it as I was able to heard all the way across to our room the fun screams and rumbling from the rollercoaster ride.

Bellagio Vegas Hotel Cirque Du Soleil “ O”

November 22, 2017

Working our way back to the Hotel it was time to get ready for our next show in the Bellagio Hotel - Cirque Du  Soleil “ O”  an infinite and incredibly impressive show.

 A completely different dynamic in the Cirque presentation; this performance is a treat to your senses; surrealism and  fantasy  will trigger incredible  experience to your psyche.


Performed above and below a 1.5 million gallon swimming pool;   From walking in water, to  water creatures, a flying boat, fire and diving men …what  an incredible magic and  backdrop of surreal production


 Performing in and above water this performance will transport you to the magic of their realm; let them pull you into their surreal world!

MGM Grand Monorail Station Vegas Travel Family Trip

November 22, 2017

Unless you are participating in a walking marathon for the day in Vegas …Monorail is the way!  keeping  Vegas city less crowded with cars hopping from one casino to the next; now a comfortable, fast and affordable Monorail  is available.

Vegas travel - MGM Grand Monorail Station

Counting with key point hotels, the Monorail  station is accessible and easy to find once you enter the casinos; remember those days you will go inside and will takes FOREVER to find an Exit? ( Because finding the way out of a casino in the past  was not intended for us to find one!)  Well possible a city agreement  this time but  Vegas Monorail signs can easily be  seen and read now from each participating Vegas Hotel  directing  visitors  to the monorail  terminal  once you enter this casinos is a breeze.

SLS Monorail terminal was our destination today and from there to the Circus Circus, the big Arcade and Dome is one of the expected places to visit with our boy.

The Adventuredome is a 5 acres of indoor fun! features rides and attractions ranging from kid friendly to daredevil.


 This is the place were you will spend more of your unglambled money … please bring your piggy bank  :)

You can view more on details by visiting link below:


The Acrobats do a free presentations every hour and is always a nice mini acrobatics show to enjoy.

Family Vegas trip Blick Art Supply Store, MGM Swimming pool and Luxor Hotel Blue Man Show

November 21, 2017

What to do in Vegas Nevada when your one time maximum bet will be   40 cents on a 5 cent  Keno  machine or even yet you don’t gamble at all?


Well first  enjoy one of those ridiculous buffets a must to have at least once in your life time  and as impossible as it is to try every single food sample at least  you get to delight your sight with  all types of delicatessens displayed in a fun way;  edible colors and food textures. Sorry but you only have two hours to enjoy according to your food ticket so you very be precise  and selective :)

Then get treated to one of the largest art  supplies stores in vegas, yeah! 

Yes, Blick art supplies store the same one i been ordering my art supplies  for years online but never been inside one;  you bet my  hubby took me there and got to spend few hours going thru every isle and checking all the art supply specials …getting out of there with three full bags of art supplies  for my art classes, canvases and one or two items for me  :) . 





 One of my favorite things to enjoy in my travels is to delight my eyes admiring  building architecture and Vegas has  a compound array of buildings  and stores with the most intrigue and eclectic construction and building architecture I have seen in a solo city.


 Thru the years My husband an I enjoy walking around and delighting with this constructions but with our boy now …  walking must have a purpose and a destination! or you will end up with a really moody - crabby child who has to walk his way back to the hotel ending on a  “not  so much fun” at all situation.


We stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas this time; MGM Grand has 5 pools and 3 whirlpools all connected by bridges. You’ll also discover a lazy river circling the area with fountains and waterfalls thrown in.

Noticed we made reservations 8 months in advance when the pool was  on their full season; planning I will have a boy who may turn into a fish with so many hours spend at the pool this will be a great place!


Well … wrong! Only  Two pools were  open.


I have a flapping  young merman" at my side waiting anxiously to junto into the lazy river and explore all aquatic areas  here. We found out MGM Grand Hotel Pools  are only open by season (Of course! How silly of me to think otherwise)  so please if you are staying in a hotel for the amenities check your season times and availabilities by when you arrive.


I just can believe we missed that, but over all the spending  day in the pool was great.





Luxor Hotel in Vegas continues to be one of my long time favorite places … Maybe by Ancient Egyptian blood just keeps calling me to this place  :)

Our evening  was reserve to spend time with blue people with don’t follow any drawing lines or paint by No numbers! Splatting paint on canvas … How fun its that!!!!.


The Blue Man Show  performing at the Luxor Hotel   is a fun interactive show great for young audience; we love their music,  creativity and Instruments are bizarre! This is a must to watch show in Vegas.

Vegas Trip Travel holiday weekend Tournament of Kings Show

November 20, 2017

We left pointing destination to Vegas,  weekend break started as soon luggage was inside car and wheels were turning!


We stopped only to eat Thai food without deviating  much from our path.


Travel Vegas Thai Food -

With the holiday weekend traffic I started getting worry about the time constraints as we had a dinner appointment with the Kings at Excalibur.


We decided to check in later into the MGM Grand hotel and drive straight to the Excalibur Hotel for the Tournament of Kings Show as we already had purchase tickets in advance, This show is one of my husbands favorite’s and we been enjoying it for years. Slightly changed thru the decades still remaining a fair show to watch with children as the mythical Merlin comes around to greet us  and you can enjoy Stunning visual effects, such as the pyrotechnics of the fire-wizard, magnifies  the expectators experience.


 I love eating with my fingers!

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