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“Spring Lillies” Watercolor painting of fresh daylillies


watercolor painting for sale - pink flowers daylillies original art


Title: “Spring Lillies”

Watercolor painting of fresh daylillies

300 Lbs watercolor paper

Size 10”X13”


Cost $150.00

Shipping: $9.50



Spring is in the air, love to see everything around nature rebirthing and flourishing; from busy b…

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Standing Proud - Watercolor painting of an Egret

watercolor painting for sale bird of paradise Egret in costa Rica

Title: “Standing Proud”

Watercolor painting of an Egret.

300 Lbs watercolor paper

Size 10”X13”


Cost $150.00

Shipping: $9.50

Egret on watercolor painting Ines Miller original art


This painting was an inspiration from one of our trips to Costa Rica we were staying al Playa Los Suenos and decide…

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Meeting Chester the cat on watercolor after getting outside my comfort zone


Watercolor painting doe sale chester black cat green eyes- Ines Miller art


Original watercolor paper 140 lbs cold press

Size 6”x9”


Title: Chester The Cat


Price: $ 35.00

Shipping $ 5.50



Meeting Chester the cat … After getting outside my comfort zone.



Take whatever measure is necessary to impulse yourself and improve your …

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Purple Pelican Boardwalk watcher palette knife painting

Title” Boardwalk watcher”

Purple pelican acrylic painting palette knife original art


Acrylic painting palette knife painting

Purple pelican acrylic painting palette knife original art " Boardwalk watcher"

Size 12”x16”

1/2” wrapped canvas


Price: $ 350.00

shipping:  $17.50






 The Inspiration …

Bay watcher in Redondo Beach California  this majestic pelican  bird of incredible size …

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Holiday Wishes Pine Cone watercolor painting

May the gift of Happiness …


The Gift of Joy …

The Gift of Love …

Be with you this Christmas and  throughout the New Year!


Watercolor Painting Pine cone Title "Christmas Gift Wish" Size 6" x 4.5"


Watercolor Paintings Pinecone - Gift of Happiness.


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Palette Knife Painting for sale Sulcata Tortoise Original Painting

There is quite a few words in English that for some reason my tongue doesn’t seem to manage  the pronunciation, but working in the animal field particularly with exotic animal years back  in my young days I often got teased in a good way by coworkers and now long time friends by this primary  words …

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Blue lagoon swimming dolphin acrylic Pallet Knife Painting

The Inspiration today …Dolphin Encounter at Blue lagoon palette knife Painting


Blue dolphin acrylic Pallet Knife Painting


The first words of  expression that comes to my mind when thinking or seeing  a dolphin are joy, happiness and playfulness.  This  lovely and  Incredible intelligent critters had been the ambassad…

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Lotus Flower rainbow Pallet knife Painting

Lotus Flower rainbow palette knife Painting.

This painting is an inspiration to  be able to reach back at our  inner self in   every  everyday routine. Colors of the rainbow   representing  the 7 chakras on oneself surrounding the lotus flower.

 Slow down …breath and remember the beautif…

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Red Poppies Flowers Pallet Knife painting Original Acrylic art painting

Red Poppies Flowers palette knife painting Original Acrylic art painting.


I love flowers and one of my favorites is the bougainvillea and poppies; their fine delicate petals reminds me to tissue paper handmade flowers, for this pallet knife painting decided to start with the red poppies as …

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Pallet Knife Painting a new beginning

Ooh la la, a nice set of knives and not necessarily

for food preparation. 

Inspired by one of our monthly art demonstrators Melody Brunsting who performed at Temecula Valley Art League ... This will be my new intent  and  try to paint with pallet knife and finish one full art painting.

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Redhead lady holding black cat Original acrylic painting

9"  X 12" acrylic painting  original on Canvas

Red hair woman with black cat



Cost $150

Shipping $15.50



An ORIGINAL acrylic painting of a red headed woman holding a black cat.

Original acrylic painting  is perfect  for the art collector who…

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New York New York Casino Hotel Water Color Painting

New York New York Vegas Casino - Hotel Original Watercolor Painting  by Ines Miller


watercolor painting-new york-newyork hotel


Size:  9” X 12”

Cost $85.00


Plus Shipping withIn USA $12.00




Water color painting will mail flat mounted on gray color mat.

New York New York vegas Casino Watercolor Painting by Ines Miller

This is an inspi…

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Bellagio Vegas Hotel Cirque Du Soleil “ O”

Working our way back to the Hotel it was time to get ready for our next show in the Bellagio Hotel - Cirque Du  Soleil “ O”  an infinite and incredibly impressive show.

 A completely different dynamic in the Cirque presentation; this performance is a treat to your senses; surrealism…

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MGM Grand Monorail Station Vegas Travel Family Trip

Unless you are participating in a walking marathon for the day in Vegas …Monorail is the way!  keeping  Vegas city less crowded with cars hopping from one casino to the next; now a comfortable, fast and affordable Monorail  is available.

Vegas travel - MGM Grand Monorail Station

Counting with key point hotels, the Monorail  stat…

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Family Vegas trip Blick Art Supply Store, MGM Swimming pool and Luxor Hotel Blue Man Show

What to do in Vegas Nevada when your one time maximum bet will be   40 cents on a 5 cent  Keno  machine or even yet you don’t gamble at all?


Well first  enjoy one of those ridiculous buffets a must to have at least once in your life time  and as impossible as it is to try every single fo…

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Vegas Trip Travel holiday weekend Tournament of Kings Show

We left pointing destination to Vegas,  weekend break started as soon luggage was inside car and wheels were turning!


We stopped only to eat Thai food without deviating  much from our path.


Travel Vegas Thai Food -

With the holiday weekend traffic I started getting worry about the time constraints as we had a …

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Understanding the simple actions of a genius …Now I know why Albert Einstein had this wardrobe looking all the same

Understanding the simple actions of a genius …Now I know why Albert Einstein had this wardrobe looking all the same.



Next time you ask some one How is his/ her day going?


Just take a quick  glance to her shoes … smile and  wish her a wonderful day!   :)

Today was my…

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Koi Fish Carpa watercolor Koi Fish Orange Spots size 9” x 12” Ines Miller Fine Art

If your love is into the aquatic creatures  and more specific Koi Fish this is a fresh out of the easel water color painting  of a Japanese Koi Fish.

Koi fish-carp-fish-Koi-orange-spots,javanese-koi-fish,Ines-Miller-watercolorpainting-Koifish,Originalwatercolorpainting-Koifish,9x12-originalwatercolro-painting-fishKoi,14x11-water-colorpainting-koi-carpafishKoi fish watercolor painting was created  with professional materials: high quality watercolor, paper.  

Original Watercolor Painting Cost:


Price $85.00

Shipping WithIn USA $12.00


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Between Texas and Los Cabos Baja California Sur Mexico natural disaster strike

 Between Texas and Los Cabos Baja California Sur Mexico, To our ever changing planet who will always offer a new sun rise, blessings …



As tropical storm Lidia made his entrance to los Cabos Baja California Sur few days ago.


The construction of our  home in Los Cabos has wi…

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Laguna Beach Art Festival & Sawdust Festival

 I been living in my little sphere bubble, as I don’t recall paying  a toll road fare in California before.


 I always drive the free  country roads. So this time  I became familiarized with the website

to pay my fees. I am quite impress with the  online…

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