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One day at the time

One day at the time in the life of Ines Miller - Mom, wife, Fine Artist, Art Instructor and Travelier extraordinary :)

Vegas Trip Travel holiday weekend Tournament of Kings Show

We left pointing destination to Vegas,  weekend break started as soon luggage was inside car and wheels were turning!


We stopped only to eat Thai food without deviating  much from our path.


Travel Vegas Thai Food -

With the holiday weekend traffic I started getting worry about the time constraints as we had a dinner appointment with the Kings at Excalibur.


We decided to check in later into the MGM Grand hotel and drive straight to the Excalibur Hotel for the Tournament of Kings Show as we already had purchase tickets in advance, This show is one of my husbands favorite’s and we been enjoying it for years. Slightly changed thru the decades still remaining a fair show to watch with children as the mythical Merlin comes around to greet us  and you can enjoy Stunning visual effects, such as the pyrotechnics of the fire-wizard, magnifies  the expectators experience.


 I love eating with my fingers!

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