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MGM Grand Monorail Station Vegas Travel Family Trip

Unless you are participating in a walking marathon for the day in Vegas …Monorail is the way!  keeping  Vegas city less crowded with cars hopping from one casino to the next; now a comfortable, fast and affordable Monorail  is available.

Vegas travel - MGM Grand Monorail Station

Counting with key point hotels, the Monorail  station is accessible and easy to find once you enter the casinos; remember those days you will go inside and will takes FOREVER to find an Exit? ( Because finding the way out of a casino in the past  was not intended for us to find one!)  Well possible a city agreement  this time but  Vegas Monorail signs can easily be  seen and read now from each participating Vegas Hotel  directing  visitors  to the monorail  terminal  once you enter this casinos is a breeze.

SLS Monorail terminal was our destination today and from there to the Circus Circus, the big Arcade and Dome is one of the expected places to visit with our boy.

The Adventuredome is a 5 acres of indoor fun! features rides and attractions ranging from kid friendly to daredevil.


 This is the place were you will spend more of your unglambled money … please bring your piggy bank  :)

You can view more on details by visiting link below:


The Acrobats do a free presentations every hour and is always a nice mini acrobatics show to enjoy.

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