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One day at the time in the life of Ines Miller - Mom, wife, Fine Artist, Art Instructor and Travelier extraordinary :)

Family Vegas trip Blick Art Supply Store, MGM Swimming pool and Luxor Hotel Blue Man Show

What to do in Vegas Nevada when your one time maximum bet will be   40 cents on a 5 cent  Keno  machine or even yet you don’t gamble at all?


Well first  enjoy one of those ridiculous buffets a must to have at least once in your life time  and as impossible as it is to try every single food sample at least  you get to delight your sight with  all types of delicatessens displayed in a fun way;  edible colors and food textures. Sorry but you only have two hours to enjoy according to your food ticket so you very be precise  and selective :)

Then get treated to one of the largest art  supplies stores in vegas, yeah! 

Yes, Blick art supplies store the same one i been ordering my art supplies  for years online but never been inside one;  you bet my  hubby took me there and got to spend few hours going thru every isle and checking all the art supply specials …getting out of there with three full bags of art supplies  for my art classes, canvases and one or two items for me  :) . 





 One of my favorite things to enjoy in my travels is to delight my eyes admiring  building architecture and Vegas has  a compound array of buildings  and stores with the most intrigue and eclectic construction and building architecture I have seen in a solo city.


 Thru the years My husband an I enjoy walking around and delighting with this constructions but with our boy now …  walking must have a purpose and a destination! or you will end up with a really moody - crabby child who has to walk his way back to the hotel ending on a  “not  so much fun” at all situation.


We stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas this time; MGM Grand has 5 pools and 3 whirlpools all connected by bridges. You’ll also discover a lazy river circling the area with fountains and waterfalls thrown in.

Noticed we made reservations 8 months in advance when the pool was  on their full season; planning I will have a boy who may turn into a fish with so many hours spend at the pool this will be a great place!


Well … wrong! Only  Two pools were  open.


I have a flapping  young merman" at my side waiting anxiously to junto into the lazy river and explore all aquatic areas  here. We found out MGM Grand Hotel Pools  are only open by season (Of course! How silly of me to think otherwise)  so please if you are staying in a hotel for the amenities check your season times and availabilities by when you arrive.


I just can believe we missed that, but over all the spending  day in the pool was great.





Luxor Hotel in Vegas continues to be one of my long time favorite places … Maybe by Ancient Egyptian blood just keeps calling me to this place  :)

Our evening  was reserve to spend time with blue people with don’t follow any drawing lines or paint by No numbers! Splatting paint on canvas … How fun its that!!!!.


The Blue Man Show  performing at the Luxor Hotel   is a fun interactive show great for young audience; we love their music,  creativity and Instruments are bizarre! This is a must to watch show in Vegas.

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