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Officially Day of the Dead today in Mexico… A celebration of Life.





Officially Day of the Dead today in Mexico… A celebration of Life.



All souls are venerated and welcomed their visit today. Offerings and altars had been set with dedication to the ones departed.  A festivity   honoring the life  of the ones no longer in t…

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Inexpensive staying for surfers, backpackers and adventurous travelers in San Jose del Cabo Mexico. Clean Rustic Bedroom for Rent in San Jose del Cabo - La Baja Mexico.

 I shared my time between the USA and Los Cabos Mexico,  My family and I are building a vacation home in San Jose del Cabo and even tho house is not completed they we want to make it available to guests that are adventurous of spirits. 


We are new to Airb&b but not new to travel and host…

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Basking under Los Cabos Sun Palmilla Public Beach

llVacationing with kids is a completely different dynamic and knowing the unpredictable water  currents surrounding  this gorgeous pacific ocean in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo...


Palmilla beach has been our family beach of choice here in Los Cabos.

Public Parking  is at a …

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Summer Vacation Crossing the USA - Mexico border hassle free

Flying south to rest, reconnect enjoy the different pace of life  on daily living and be in touch with  nature... what else can we ask for?

Using the CBX ( Cross Border Express in San Diego) was the way to go this time.

 You will have to purchase a CBX cross border ticket to go thru.

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Jellyfish stings at Chileno Beach in Los Cabos

Jelly fish in el Chileno beach in Los Cabos.

El Chileno Beach After the Rain - Caution on jelly Fish stings

Jelly fish in el Chileno beach in Los Cabos
Jellyfish stings at El Chilean Beach in Los Cabos Mexico after the rain
applying sun block before swimming time at chileno beach in los cabos mexico

Jellyfish at the Chilean Beach in Los Cabos Mexico right after the rain.


Locals in this beach area had an ammonia spray station for jellyfish stings.

 This is for sure not…

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MGM Grand Monorail Station Vegas Travel Family Trip

Unless you are participating in a walking marathon for the day in Vegas …Monorail is the way!  keeping  Vegas city less crowded with cars hopping from one casino to the next; now a comfortable, fast and affordable Monorail  is available.

Vegas travel - MGM Grand Monorail Station

Counting with key point hotels, the Monorail  stat…

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Family Vegas trip Blick Art Supply Store, MGM Swimming pool and Luxor Hotel Blue Man Show

What to do in Vegas Nevada when your one time maximum bet will be   40 cents on a 5 cent  Keno  machine or even yet you don’t gamble at all?


Well first  enjoy one of those ridiculous buffets a must to have at least once in your life time  and as impossible as it is to try every single fo…

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Vegas Trip Travel holiday weekend Tournament of Kings Show

We left pointing destination to Vegas,  weekend break started as soon luggage was inside car and wheels were turning!


We stopped only to eat Thai food without deviating  much from our path.


Travel Vegas Thai Food -

With the holiday weekend traffic I started getting worry about the time constraints as we had a …

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