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New York New York Casino Hotel Water Color Painting

New York New York Vegas Casino - Hotel Original Watercolor Painting  by Ines Miller


watercolor painting-new york-newyork hotel


Size:  9” X 12”

Cost $85.00


Plus Shipping withIn USA $12.00




Water color painting will mail flat mounted on gray color mat.

New York New York vegas Casino Watercolor Painting by Ines Miller

This is an inspi…

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Bellagio Vegas Hotel Cirque Du Soleil “ O”

Working our way back to the Hotel it was time to get ready for our next show in the Bellagio Hotel - Cirque Du  Soleil “ O”  an infinite and incredibly impressive show.

 A completely different dynamic in the Cirque presentation; this performance is a treat to your senses; surrealism…

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Koi Fish Carpa watercolor Koi Fish Orange Spots size 9” x 12” Ines Miller Fine Art

If your love is into the aquatic creatures  and more specific Koi Fish this is a fresh out of the easel water color painting  of a Japanese Koi Fish.

Koi fish-carp-fish-Koi-orange-spots,javanese-koi-fish,Ines-Miller-watercolorpainting-Koifish,Originalwatercolorpainting-Koifish,9x12-originalwatercolro-painting-fishKoi,14x11-water-colorpainting-koi-carpafishKoi fish watercolor painting was created  with professional materials: high quality watercolor, paper.  

Original Watercolor Painting Cost:





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Between Texas and Los Cabos Baja California Sur Mexico natural disaster strike

 Between Texas and Los Cabos Baja California Sur Mexico, To our ever changing planet who will always offer a new sun rise, blessings …



As tropical storm Lidia made his entrance to los Cabos Baja California Sur few days ago.


The construction of our  home in Los Cabos has wi…

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Laguna Beach Art Festival & Sawdust Festival

 I been living in my little sphere bubble, as I don’t recall paying  a toll road fare in California before.


 I always drive the free  country roads. So this time  I became familiarized with the website

to pay my fees. I am quite impress with the  online…

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Ideals - stand firm on what you believe is right

Bulling will exist in all stages of life,   from a young child to a full grown up adult.

For most of us most likely we will encounter multiple times during our life on this planet  the abuse of authority, status or anyone sitting on a position of “entitlement”.


One must willingly g…

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Greeting card: Palm tree - Orange crab on sand and sail boat costal scenery

This is a costal design I created for my art classes to teach children   in Menifee California for our summer art  theme. The design is simple and easy to  understand  and execute for beginning artist. Now available in greeting cards to share with friends.

 You can buy it by visiting



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