Fine Artist Ines Miller had the opportunity to participate in a collective creations with two of her  angel paintings to be  published on Wings & Whispers: Angels Speak to the Heart of Every Child Book #2 Ines Miller Angel is title ” Angel of Pets” The original painting was done on Acrylics canvas. This charming children’s book will remind your child to listen to his heart as is the favorite place where angels whisper and were creativity grows!

Meet the Angel of Pets, water, imagination, appreciation, smiles, patience and many more! 19 Artists have created paintings of Angels and Ms. Fahl writes in the voice of the Angels and speaks directly to children 

 Massages from the angels, for comfort, inspiration and self-assurance; this children book non-denominational, intergenerational series is sure to delight all ages.

 From the Author Dharlene Marie Fahl :

“Our children are the future. Every tool we give them to build their sense of self-worth ensures the sanctity of the world. Deeply concerned by the rising incidents of school shootings and gun violence in America, I felt compelled to uplift children during this unsettling time. Angels are the perfect messengers to empower children. I then reached out to senior citizens in my neighboring communities and asked for their help in inspiring and building the self-esteem of children. Wings & Whispers became a series when numerous seniors asked if they could participate. This is what we created together. Please enjoy!”

Each Angel brings forth a positive and self-worth enhancing message for impressionable minds ages seven through ten years old. 

Ines Miller Angel of Pets children book

This video will give you a glimpse behind the scenes how the Angel ofPets illustrated on Children Books ” Wings & Whispers” was born.