Art for sale abstract whimsical and surreal

The feelings are deep and words won’t flow; holding a pallet knife and paint will easy my soul … and so was born the next painting.

When the time here has been attained and the voice has been heard… It is time to leave everything behind and start anew what is next to come.

Title: The Calling Acrylic Pallet Knife painting
Size: 16” x 20” Wrapped canvas 1/2” thick

Price $150

Shipping: $30.00 within USA*

Charming country walk with two little sister on a dirt path rural road painting, where living a simple life is the joy of every day. Original painting creating in acrylics by artist  Ines Miller.

Acrylic painting on canvas – ORIGINAL  PAINTING.

 Title: “Walking with big sister”

Size 9”X12”

Price $150

Shipping $11.50 within USA*

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Child with yellow raincoat on wooden deck- ducks on lake painting Small original painting 5X7 for sale


Morning at the lake small child on yellow raincoat greeting his two duck friends.

Friendship comes in many forms and this small painting depicts the serenity on a wold where is so much needed nowadays.

Acrylic painting

Size 5”X7” canvas panel

Year born 2021

“ Friends at the Lake”

Cost $45.00

Shipping $4.50 Within USA*

My inspirations behind this whimsical painting of a pink pig swimming came from The natural place in The Bahamas, an inhabited Island known as the ‘Official Home of the Swimming Pigs’ where feral pigs enjoy their every day swimming session.
Tourists to this beautiful islands with turquoise waters are happily embracing the unique and special experience of swimming with the pigs on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, this place which is home to these special creatures and affectionately called through the times now and known as “Pig Beach”.

Title: “Swimming Pig”
Size: 5”5” X 1.5 thick wrapped canvas
Cost: $55.00
Shipping$ $7.50 Within USA*

Swimming Pig Ocean pig swimmer mini painting wall decor - Ines Miller art